Space Cookies, Team 1868
Space Cookies, an all-girls robotics program sponsored by Girl Scouts and NASA, encourages hands-on design, fabrication, and programming. We welcome girls of all skill and experience levels.

We had a blast at the STEAM event this weekend, along with FRC Teams 971 and rookie Team 5027! There were some mini scrimmages as well as demos with our sponsor NASA Robotics Alliance Project and the rest of the FIRST family, FLL Playing at Learning and FTC Team 6002.

Get pumped! Our annual recruitment open house is on Sunday, June 8 from 2 - 4pm and is open to everyone. Everyone in the Bay Area who is interested should rsvp here: for entry. See you then!

2014 - A Year in the Shop

Welcome to a year in the shop with the Space Cookies, a personal perspective on the 2014 FRC build and competition season, mostly from my point of view as the team’s mechanical captain.

Take a look at our mechanical captain’s blog documenting build & competition season!

An exploded ball bearing! Good luck to all the teams going to the Silicon Valley Regional, and see you there!

Live Feed- quals and eliminations

Watch our team on Day 2 of qualifications and elims live! Drag and drop “SACRAMENTO [casa]” from under the Webcasts tab to join us!

From Day 1 of the Sacramento Regional!

We’re excited to be at the FRC Sacramento Regional! Learn more here.

FRC Teams on Tumblr

In honor of Valentine’s Day tomorrow, we’d like to share with you all who we’re following on tumblr! These are all official FRC teams with tumblogs, show them some love!

9 days left before Bag and Tag!

Meet the Cookies!

Cookie season officially starts on Sunday, February 9th! Grab them while you can! Booth locations can be found using the official Cookie Finder app for iOS and Android.

#tbt: Beginning of build season— playing the robot game with humans!

THEY HAVE ARRIVED. And more are coming.

They will amaze us. They will vex us. They will twist our perspectives about what is possible. They will be in our workplaces and on our streets and in our homes. They will change the way we work, play and live. 

The robot revolution is under way.


Happy Almost One Week into Build!

Birthday cards for your FRC needs. Click through for captions.

return of government → return of NASA → return of our lab